Guozi intelligent traction robot has a complex system utilizing various new technologies such as, mechatronic technology fusing multiple sensors, navigating sensors, planning sensor behaviors and robotic visual. It can be either automatic or remotely controlled. It replaces staffs to inspect indoor and outdoor equipment in a intelligent traction substation. The robot can find equipment errors by analyzing and judging the image. It provides innovated detection measures for substation.



Intelligent traction substation patrolling robot can perform tasks like measuring temperature with infrared device, identify instrument and analyzing data in a substation with little or no inspectors. It can be run either autonomously or manually with a remote controller. Robot can collect data and cooperate with backstage data analyzing system to manage and control the status of all the devices and equipment in a traction station. It can ensure the safety in the process of providing power to railways.






Intelligent traction substation robot in equipped with high definition camera. It can focus, recognize, record and analyze the image automatically. With these functions it can detect the abnormities and give out warnings.




According to shape feature of the inspection location, the robot can determine the temperature of the appointed device. It will send data to the backstage to analyze the location and magnitude of the maximum temperature in the image. When temperature exceeds the limit, the robot will give out warnings.





The robot can detect surroundings. It can live report temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall. 



The system of the robot provides statement with patrolling data and information. It can compare and analyze data with different method to predict and warn about the abnormal equipment status.



With its intelligent analytic technology, the robot can predict and warn about the abnormal equipment status.



The robot has high definition camera. In abnormal situations, robot can be sent into dangerous area beforehand to help the staffs inspect the actual situation.



The robot can inspect indoor equipment like rechargeable battery and protective panel. It can control roller shutter door to enter or exit the rooms, so that it can cover both indoor and outdoor areas when patrolling.



The robot can charge itself automatically. It can control the door to the charging room. It can cooperate with the charger to complete charging.




In 2015, Guozi Intelligent traction substation patrolling robot system was officially used in shanghai road office Hangzhou power feeding section xinshangyu traction station. It was a big step to the future of replacing manual patrolling with robot patrolling systems. The implementation of robot secures the safety of railway power supply equipment. The robot is reliable and stable. Using the robot also reduce cost for management and repair fees. It also improves the efficiency of running and maintaining the substation. Shangyu is the first domestic case where robot is used for inspections in railway power supply. It is a brand new technology for the railways. Replacing manual inspections with robots is bond to be a future trend.


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